sound therapy

Virtual: Full Moon Sound Meditation

Let's come together for the final full moon of the Nature Yoga journey. The start of August is traditionally the official beginning of the harvest season. We are also saying goodbye to our beloved Nature Yoga Sanctuary. Join Lyndsae to celebrate the growth you have experienced in our community, and reflect on what you may harvest now as we move on to the next chapter of our yoga practice. 

The complex tones of Himalayan singing bowls can activate the parasympathetic nervous system (which supports digestion and sleep) and lead you to states of deep relaxation and meditation, as well as making space for insights and creativity.

To get the most from this online workshop, please set up for your at home sound bath in an area where you can lie down comfortably and remain undisturbed for the duration. Sitting in meditation is also an option if you prefer. For best sound quality wear headphones or listen on a sound system, rather than your device audio. After registering you will be given a unique link for this event. 

Sunday, August 2
6-7 pm, $15